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Be aware of key entrepreneurial issues

HEC Entrepreneurship programs are designed for executives and senior managers preparing to assume executive positions.
Our entrepreneurship programs include the HEC Executive MBA.

Choose your HEC Executive Education entrepreneurship program from those listed below.

May 17, 2015     Advanced Certificates

Approximately 70% of the output of industrialized economies originates in the service sector.

Prepare participants to lead service organizations and manufacturers relying on service for their differentiation: help organizations differentiate themselves from their competition on the basis of the quantity of value they deliver to customers (business-to-business and business-to-consumer) through the services they deliver, or the service component of their manufactured goods.

May 17, 2015     Advanced Certificates

Drive innovation and enhance entrepreunarial leadership

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the drivers of economic growth and the main sources of value and wealth creation. Furthermore, during a turmoil period, innovation is absolutely needed to renew and stimulate products/markets in addition to cost optimization and downsizing, highlighting critical issues to address for senior managers.

May 17, 2015     Advanced Certificates

Design new business models and foster innovation

Understand new business models for emerging and developed countries for multinationals, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Build new value propositions to better meet the needs of emerging markets’ consumers.

May 24, 2015  -  HEC Campus     Advanced Certificates

To start or takeover a new venture, mastering the basics of Management, especially Marketing, Strategy, HR and Finance is compulsory. However, and even if Entrepreneurship is a synthesis of all disciplines, there is much specific knowledge to be acquired, in order to be and act as an Entrepreneur.

    Degree programs - Senior Executive

HEC Executive MBA: a world-class degree

The HEC Executive MBA offers modular, executive-friendly formats to suit a variety of work schedules. Delivered in five locations around the world. With eight specializations.

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