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One of the key challenges for executives in digital, media and telecommunications is to extract value out of changing markets and manage change

Target audience

The Major is aimed at executives wishing to take a leading role in the digital transformation processes of traditional businesses. The program targets individuals who want to take a leading role in the transformation process of traditional businesses to the digital  age. Accordingly, the program is appropriate for participants who are responsible for, or play a major role in the strategic development of a business function. As the focus of the Major is transversal, it is relevant for managers working in all business functions. This also means that participants need to be open to learning about digital transformation challenges and opportunities in other domains than their area of management expertise. 

Locations and academic partners

2 one-week sessions: Paris, France (May) / Silicon Valley, USA (October)

Academic partners: HEC Paris, France /Prime & Hyper Island - to be confirmed


Business leaders have long used information technology to improve productivity and efficiency, reach new markets and optimize supply chains. However, recent digital developments such as analytics, big data, hyper-connectivity, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices are putting increased pressure on companies to reconsider their customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions.


The HEC EMBA Major for Leading Digital Transformation aims to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the digital environment. The broad scope of the program provides participants with global and extensive insights into all aspects of digital transformation in traditional businesses.

  • Understand the scale and scope of digitalization and its impact on businesses
  • Learn from the best practices and failures in digital transformation of a variety of companies
  • Acquire insights into the process of digital transformation (How to organize your company for innovation? How to deal with disruption?)
  • Develop a global vision of digital transformation that cuts across business functions and addresses the integrated role of technologies, people, and usage behaviors 
  • Challenge your assumptions and those of your peers while working on real-life cases and in support groups on your individual project on digital transformation
  • Experiment with new technologies and online platforms to gain hands-on experience of the challenges and opportunities that are generated by the adoption of digital tools
  • Apply everything you have learned to an individual project of your choice


Module 1 (Paris, France)

The aim of the first module is to provide participants with an understanding of the scope, scale, and challenges of digital transformation. It focuses on ‘big themes’ such as digitalization, disruption and innovation, digital leadership, and big data. The module features lectures, testimonials, case studies and workshops that cover a wide range of industries and companies - o.a., services-oriented, goods-oriented, B2B, and B2C. Note that case examples will be mainly sourced from France. 

Module 2 (Silicon Valley, USA)

The aim of the second module is to provide participants with the skills and know-how to lead digital transformative change in their organizations. It examines how the dinosaurs and disruptors of Silicon Valley are changing the rules of the business game and also focuses on future trends. The module features inspirational guest speakers, company visits and workshops that focus on the specific needs of the participants. 

Research project

The project offers participants the opportunity to personalize the program by focusing on a topic of their choice. The scope of project can be practical or conceptual, applied or academic, linked to an ongoing company project or an independent study.


Kristine de Valck is the Academic Director of the Major and has been an Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris since 2004. At HEC Paris, Kristine has developed numerous courses about social media marketing. One of these courses (Web 2.0 Marketing Communications – HEC Paris) is freely available at iTunesU and has been among the top downloads since 2010. In the context of her courses, Kristine has regularly collaborated with companies, including Disneyland Paris, Hammerson, Meetic, Renault, SFR, SmartSy, and Yahoo! Kristine was the academic director of the International Teachers Programme from 2012-2014, and she headed the Marketing PhD program from 2010-2013. Currently, she acts are the Marketing Department Chair.

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For further information on this Major, please contact: Jean-Bernard TISON tisonj@hec.fr  +33 (0)1 55 65 59 09 

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