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Develop a comprehensive and strategic view of energy issues


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The Energy Major is organized with the support of the Total Chair in Energy and Management and the Qatar Foundation

Target Audience

The program is aimed at executives and senior managers working or planning to work in industries and services where energy production and consumption can have a significant impact on the corporate bottom line. 


2 one-week sessions: Doha, Qatar (May) and Paris, France (October)


The world needs ever-increasing energy supplies to support the growth and development of industrialized economies. At the same time, fossil fuel reserves are being depleted and CO2 emissions are putting the planet in jeopardy. This raises some important questions: 

  • How can we avoid increasingly common confrontations between nations for access to resource-rich areas? 
  • How can we reconcile growth in energy demand with a positive response to climate change? 

The obvious answer is to move towards environmentally-friendly and more efficient low-carbon energy solutions. This, however, entails developing appropriate infrastructures as well as new economic and financing mechanisms for more widespread use of renewable energy. 

The recent financial crisis has in many ways accelerated the long term trends in the global energy sector - oil and gas reserves are geologically or financially constrained, nuclear revival is underway, renewable energy is developing rapidly and there is an increasing reliance on coal. 

Such major changes obviously impact both the opportunities and the threats that corporations face. As a result, it is critical for today's business leaders to master energy issues and heighten their awareness of how they change the world we live in. 


The program addresses the need for leaders to develop a comprehensive and strategic view of energy issues. It will enable you to: 

  • Understand the energy business environment and market drivers such as the geopolitics of resources, energy demand structure, producer and end-user strategies, industry organization and regulations 
  • Develop and implement strategies that address issues associated with energy prices, volatility and hedging, as well as energy-sensitive investment and financing requirements 
  • Understand energy technologies and their potential impact on business models 
  • Reflect on the extent to which climate change and climate change response policies will affect corporate strategies worldwide 
  • Understand energy markets, contracts and price formation mechanisms 
  • Share experiences and network with HEC Paris Executive MBA participants and business executives from the energy sector 


Module 1: From Primary Energy Resources to End Markets (Doha, Qatar) 

The main focus of the first module is on upstream activities - primarily from the perspective of producers and producing countries. 

Module 2: Power Markets and Carbon Constraint: What's in it for the End Users? (Paris, France) 

The second module will concentrate on power and utilities, oil downstream activities, the perspective of end-users as well as energy efficiency and energy management issues. 


Andrea Masini is the Academic Director of the Energy Major. He is an Associate Professor in the Operations Management and Information Technology Department at HEC Paris. Professor Masini carries out interdisciplinary research to study technology innovation processes, with a particular emphasis on renewable energies and sustainable operations. Prior to joining HEC Paris, Andrea was Assistant Professor at the London Business School and before that was a Research Associate at the Center for the Management of Environmental Resources of INSEAD. He has a background in mechanical engineering and holds a PhD in technology management from INSEAD.

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