Executive Education

Advanced Certificates and Open-enrolment Programs

Advanced Certificates and Open-enrolment Programs

Creating Value through Strategic Financial Management

Linking strategy and financial performance to create value

Leading Strategies for Outstanding Performance

Why are some businesses more profitable than others?

Advanced Executive Certificate in Finance

Managing Global and Key Accounts

How can you strengthen your position sustainably and profitably with key accounts?

International Risk Management

Mastering legal and compliance challenges and risks in an international context


USA 2020

Where is America going? What are the opportunities for the private sector?

Successful Relationships with Capital Providers

Managing Across Cultures

Acquire an essential intercultural awareness in order to conduct business worldwide

Business Model & Innovation

Odyssey 3.14


Inclusive Business and Value Creation

Develop innovative and inclusive business models that generate profit

Develop Yourself as a Leader

To get the best from your business and from your teams, you must first know how to get the best from yourself

Global Executive Coaching (Executive Program)

Develop and enhance their coaching skills in English


Data and Strategy in the Cognitive Era

Global seminar for C-suite analytics

Leading Digital Transformation

International Business Development

How to expand your business on a global scale


Management Control and Reporting

Management accounting plays a key role in planning and controlling organizational activities


Acquire an in-depth understanding of the key success factors in the luxury business

Aerospace and Aviation

Develop the global vision needed to be a driving force in the world of aviation & aerospace

Negotiating in an International Context

Address negotiation challenges encountered in complex international environments

Differentiation and Innovation through Services

Approximately 70% of the output of industrialized economies originates in the service sector

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Drive innovation and enhance entrepreneurial leadership

Innovation and Social Business

Design new business models and foster innovation


Acquire an in-depth understanding of the energy business environment and market drivers

Entrepreneurship – Project Accelerator